Our Schools and Other Schools that We Support

March 10, 2017

Our Lady Of Fatima Kindergaten

Father John built this kindergarten next to the church of the Parish of Bbiina, near the mission, to provide a reference point to the poorest families living in the area and working mothers to support their families. Once completed, asylum, named after Our Lady of Fatima, was donated to the parish.Every day we assure to all children who attend it, more than 400, a nutritious breakfast to help them grow strong and healthy.
March 10, 2017

Kindergarten School – Awach

This asylum, completed in late 2013, is set to Awach, the first village in Northern Uganda where Father John was sent on a mission, over 50 years ago. And ‘entitled to Father Raffaele di Bari, a close friend of Father John, brutally killed during the long war that has ravaged […]