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Aid to the Needy/ Relief Projects

Emmaus Foundation in Charity and Giving Relief

The Foundation is running a number of charity projects that involve giving relief to the needy. This is not limited to food handouts but also social support. For example, there are several widows, many of whom are HIV/AIDS positive who are given medical support and food for their children. Some are given soft loans in order to start small businesses that enable them get some daily food.

The aid also involves social support, including the rehabilitation of children who were affected by the war. Many of these children have been put back in schools, as a result the a hostel (St Stephen and Leonard) was constructed to help shelter orphans without family support so that they could easily access schools and other basic needs.

Homes for people in need

There are several homes that have been built for people who are in dire situations. These are mainly orphans who have been abandoned by their relatives, or whose property was about to be grabbed by the relatives. Examples of these homes are;

The late Sarah’s Home

The late Sarah was a lady whose children were being sponsored by Father John. She realized that she was very sickly and that she wouldn’t live for long. So she requested Father John to construct some small rooms for her children, accepting that father John would use some of the extra rooms to keep people who were in  need.  Some of these rooms are currently inhabited by other needy people.

Tito’s home;

This is another family of the late Tito. This family has been taken care of by Father John. The foundation has been paying their fees, feeding them and sheltering them. A small house was constructed by the foundation and given to the children. Emmaus Foundation is involved in the sense that it still educates the children, pays their medical bills and also meets their other bills.

Every day, we welcome and provides daily assistance to hundreds of children and families from every region who present themselves at our door asking for food, medical care, help to pay the rent or find a job and other social support.


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