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Emmaus Foundation Uganda

Emmaus Foundation Uganda

The Mission Home and Orphanage

Emmaus Foundation Uganda is a not for profit/charity organization in Uganda, which started in 1989 by Father John Scalabrini. The organizational goal was to improve the livelihood of poor/needy Ugandans by availing life changing opportunities in the areas of education, health, socio-economic and religion. The idea was not to continuously provide daily needs to the communities, but to equip them with skills (both professional and hands on) so that they could become useful members of the society and help in the development of their nation, as well as create opportunities for themselves, for self sustenance.

Emmaus Foundation Uganda and its partner Italia Uganda is running a number of charity projects that involve giving relief to the needy. This is not limited to food handouts but education, health and social-conomic support.

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