Emmaus Foundation Uganda

Emmaus Foundation Uganda

The Mission and Orphanage

Emmaus Foundation Uganda is a non-profit / charity organization in Uganda, started in 1989 by Father John Scalabrini. The organizational goal was to improve the livelihood of Ugandans by availing life changing opportunities in the following sectors; Health, education, work, Aid and religion. The idea was not to continuously provide daily needs to the natives, but to train them in these fields so that they could become useful members of the society and help in the development of their nation, as well as create opportunities for self sustenance.

Emmaus Foundation Uganda and its partner Italia Uganda is running a number of charity projects that involve giving relief to the needy. This is not limited to food handouts but also social support. For example, there are several widows, many of whom are HIV / AIDS positive who are given medical support and food for their children. Some are given soft loans in order to start small businesses that enable them to get some daily food .

We thank all donations and sponsors from all over the world for supporting us, these has enabled us to construct and support several Schools, hospitals, a hostel to shelter orphans and people in need.

Emmaus foundation Uganda have built two kindergartens, a primary with 1,200 children, a secondary with about 2,500 students. Every day we distribute a hot meal to thousands of children in our schools including 11 more other schools in different parts of Uganda. With remote support from Italia Uganda, ISP, Mary’s Meals etc, we are able to sponsor and follow up thousands of children, from kindergarten to university.

In the Health sector, Emmaus Foundation have build a hospital. This started as a small sick bay for the school. It now operates on a charity basis, as it works to provide medical services to the people at minimal costs. At the moment every month we assure medical care and medicines to hundreds of needy people in order to save their lives.

Metal fabrication and Carpentry workshop

Before constructing all the other projects, Emmaus Foundation Uganda started with a small carpentry workshop which was producing quality carpentry work for the community. The works of this workshop supported the construction of bigger projects such as the schools, hospitals and other works project mentioned above.

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