Dr. Fred Adea, Medical Superintendent, Benedict Medical Center, Luzira, Kampala.

Dr. Fred Adea, Medical Superintendent, Benedict Medical Center, Luzira-Kampala.


My name is Dr. Fred Adea. I am the current Medical Superintendent at Benedict Medical Center (BMC), Luzira Kampala. I take this opportunity to extend my sincere gratitude to all of you in your esteemed capacities, for your continued support to this hospital in one way or another. I sincerely thank all volunteers in the medical fraternity who have come on board to support our Annual Community Medical Outreach drive come Saturday, September 29, 2018.   I also enormously thank our partners Emmaus Foundation Ltd (EF) and Fondazione Italia Uganda Onlus (FIU), for the laudable work that they have so far and continue to do, before and after the demise of our founder Rev. Fr. John Scalabrini (RIP) and only recently our Co-founder and Director – BMC, Dr. Michael Ochan Kilama, who went to be with the Lord. May their Souls Rest in Eternal Peace.

Services offered at BMC

Our hospital offers a wide range of medical services including but not limited to:

  • MCH services which includes: Antenatal Care, Safe Delivery, emergency Obstetric Care and Emtct services; Immunization of Infants against the childhood killer diseases, including Rabies.
  • Imaging services: Radiology; Ultrasound Scans, Endoscopy & Colonoscopy and X-ray services.
  • Laboratory services: Complete electrolyte tests, Hematology and Microbiology services.
  • Dental health services
  • HIV/TB services

Community Cleaning & free Medical Outreach

According to the Emmaus Foundation Annual Events Calendar, BMC in partnership with volunteers in the medical fraternity in Kampala and beyond, offers on-ground Medical diagnoses and treatment, freely to the communities in the surrounding neighborhoods, targeting the poor and disadvantaged population; a drive that exhibits Fr. John Scalabrini’s vision – restoring health. This year round, we are offering these FREE MEDICAL SERVICES to the communities and so much more: Sickle Cell Disease screening, deworming of infants, distribution of ITN (Insecticide Treated Mosquito Nets), dental services, Sanitation and hygiene of the community and Reproductive health sensitization.  I therefore invite the public, especially dwellers in the areas of Luzira, Kitintale, Kirombe, Kasokoso Mutungo and Kisenyi etc., to join us in a community cleaning exercise in the same locations, and after which enjoy free medical services at Luzira SSS play grounds, come September 29, 2018 at Luzira

The Future

In the near future, I would like to see BMC as a fully-fledged hospital that offers both specialized and general healthcare services to the needy and poor population; a general Hospital with a wide range of laboratory and imaging services to its community with the needy and vulnerable as a priority; as well as championing community health service delivery through health promotion and community outreaches, as a way of fostering disease surveillance.

Thank you once again, as we “Carry – On”



  1. Jacob Otim says:

    Well done Dr. Fred and your team.

  2. Tonny Bithum says:

    We are Proud of Team Benedict Medical Centre

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