Our Italian friends are here teaching the Italian language to our children at BCKPS

What is your name?

My name is Beatrice Peanetta

Where do you come from?

I come from Pavia, 50 kilometers from Milan – Italy

What brings you to Uganda?

I am a Masters Student in Psychology at the Catholic University of Milan; As such, I have reached that level that requires me to hit the field and research about the subject matter for my thesis.  I specialize in charity programs and thus I was given an opportunity to come to Uganda and carry out my research with primary school children. Bishop Cipriano Kihangire Primary School (BCKPS) turned out to be that opportunity that best suited my interests.  I discovered that it is one school that puts education for orphans and the poor children at the forefront and so here I am.

How did you know about BCKPS?

I got to know about BCKPS through Italia Uganda, a renowned partner with Emmaus Foundation Uganda. So when I approached the Organization, seeking for an opportunity to come to Uganda and to interact with the children based in BCKPS for my study purposes, I got the opportunity. I thank God it was more than just an interaction.

Beatrice on the right, with friend and internship colleague Martina at the Emmaus Foundation Mission House , Kampala Uganda.

How long have you been in Uganda?

It is close to a month since I came. It has been all great, the school staff, the warm reception and care from Emmaus Foundation at the Mission house.

Can you draw a difference between the children in Uganda and those of Italy?

The children from here are very friendly.  They respect older people and learn very quickly.  I was amazed at how easy it was for them to learn the Italian language that quick and easily. I particularly noticed something more: they appreciate gratefully every little thing they are offered, I mean any small gift.

Apart from work at the school, what have you done or where have you visited, that may be memorable to you.

Oh yes, I have gone to a few places.  I love Kampala especially in the early afternoon when many street vendors come out to display very nice things in the streets.   I particularly love the sweet taste of almost all the fruits I tasted including sugarcane, sweet bananas, mangoes etc.  I and my colleague also had a trip to Jinja to visit the source of the R. Nile; visited the zoo in Entebbe and the Murchison falls; if only time could allow. I had a great time; thanks to everyone who brought a smile to may face.  I thank Emmaus Foundation for taking care of us, gave us a place to sleep, and cared for us in every way.

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