Pianetta on the right with friend and internship colleague Martina at Emmaus Foundation Mission House, Kampala Uganda

Teacher Martina Locatelli having fun with the children at BCKPS-Kitintale

What is your name?
My name is Martina Locatelli
Where do you come from?
I come from Galbiate, a little city near Lecco, North of Italy
What brings you to Uganda and how long have you been here?
It is my first time in Uganda. As a student doing the very last phase of my studies in Education, I am required to do a project. I got to know about the Student Exchange Program (SEP) between Emmaus Foundation and its partner Italia Uganda Onlus. When I applied, I was given an opportunity to come to Uganda as my project destination. My specialization underpins charity work;  when I read a lot about the charity work that Emmaus Foundation does, especially in line with educating the needy, I was more than thrilled to come to Uganda and spend time with the children at Bishop Cipriano Kihangire Primary School (BCKPS); as I try to assess their school life, especially the orphans. I am also thankful that I got an opportunity to teach them the Italian language, which they grasped quickly to my amazement. I have been here for one full month and I wish I could stay longer.
What did you get to teach the children in the Italian Language?
The basic e.g. animal names, songs, writing and memorizing simple basic sentences etc.
What have you been able to learn about the Ugandan children?
The love of the Ugandan children here is spectacular. They love and enjoy people, even when they do not know much about them. That may not necessarily be the case with most children that age in most Italian schools. I love children too, so we went along very well.
Apart from spend time with the children at school, what else have you been able to do in your free time?
Oh! I and my colleague have enjoyed a few parts of Kampala’s natural life. We have visited the zoo in Entebbe; we have also had a chance to visit the source of the Nile River in Jinja and went boat riding.
Given another opportunity, would you like to come back to Uganda?
Yes, yes, I have loved this place. I would wish to come back and teach the children. My interaction with the school administration has also been awesome. They are great people. This place too is paradise in terms of good weather, tasty food and warm-hearted people. Everyone is friendly.



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