Carmello Sofia's experience in Uganda.

What is your name and where do you come from?

My name is Carmelo Sophia; I come from Italy. I am originally from Messina in Sicily but now I live in Rome for my studies.

What do you  or would you like to specialize in as a medical doctor?

After my first degree, I would like to take a clinical specialization. I am actually interested in chest diseases

Carmello Sofia (seated with a patient) and colleagues at Benedict Medical Center

How long have you been helping out at BMC and what have you been able to do?
I have been at Benedict Medical Center (BMC) three weeks that passed so quickly. I had the opportunity to improve on a lot of medical skills. Some of the routine work that I was actively involved in were: doing  clinical rounds with local doctors every day, visiting patients at the OPD, sometimes assisting  surgeons in the theater, assisting  as I learnt at the gynecological clinic etc. The OPD in particular, was a way for me to have  direct contact with patients in order to learn how to manage a lot of cases that we have never seen in our country  Italy (malaria for example).

What do you think about Benedict Medical Center  in terms of:  Services to the people
All members of BMC are very friendly and experienced, so they do the best for the patients. On the other hand, people are encouraged to come there: it is a small health center  in comparison to the big health facilities back home.  This ensures effective and efficient service to the community people that visit the hospital.

Availability of critical equipment to the health center
I think it is quite good, you can do the most important exams for your health. There is a Radiology Department, a Theater and a Laboratory and all these work very effectively.

Carmello Sofia (second right) with colleagues, having fun as they explore Uganda’s physical features

Is this your first time to Uganda and is there anything you loved about this country?
It is the first time for me. I was astonished by this country, I didn’t know a lot of things about Uganda before leaving home. My contact with Ugandan people was very particular, they are very friendly and respectful people. I have  fond and very beautiful memories especially  about my experience at the hospital where  I felt so much at home. Furthermore, there are a lot of natural beauties that deserve to be visited, like Murchison Falls Park.

What are your future prospects in the next five years?
Firstly, I hope to complete my medical studies; then start my specialization. Secondly, if possible I  would like to go abroad to experience more, in connection to my field of specialization 

What advice/ word to BMC can you give
The advice that I can give is to try to improve everyday. I like a lot the opportunity accorded to me and my colleagues, the  possibility of offering us a chance to come to another country and be a part of Uganda’s medical arena, as we explore and learn.   I hope I and my colleagues will be able to apply the knowledge we have got. So, my advice is “…continue to give us a chance; we learn a lot.” 

Emmaus Foundation
I appreciate a lot their real commitment for Ugandan people. I had the pleasure to meet some people from here and I think it is like a beautiful family.

Luzira Community and the patients that visit BMC
It is important for everyone to receive medical service, whenever needed and BMC offers great services for the Luzira Community. Keep it up BMC

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