The Uganda Martyrs Catholic Chapel at KYU was opened and blessed today October 1, 2017.

The all new Uganda Martyrs’ Catholic Chapel Kyambogo University

October 1, 2017 saw the grand opening and blessing of the all new Uganda Martyrs Chapel-Kyambogo University (KYU), amidst great joy, ululations, dancing, merry making and crowned with cutting of the cake. Songs of praise to the Lord took the day.  The speeches were all awesomely coined into a three letter word: THANK YOU JESUS.  The history is too long, challenges registered uncountable, years flown by unbelievable; but, what the Lord promised, he has delivered.  The project that  first started in the 1990s  and actual construction realized only in 2006, has without a doubt passed through the  hands of a number of personalities attached to the great institution, some of whom have not unfortunately live to see it operationalize such as Fr.Kevin B. Mckee (RIP); their mandate was to  dialogue, execute and oversee operations of this very significant project. Most notable was the undoubted contribution of the charismatic man that we are celebrating today – Fr.John Scalabrini (RIP).

Fr.John Scalabrini was a Catholic priest; he valued and promoted the work of God. He built and contributed to a good number of churches.

It is documented in the history of  Kyambogo University religious affairs that, just like the many other houses of worship that the fallen Rev. Fr. John built, there exists tangible evidence  registered yet against his name, and that is the Uganda Martyrs Catholic Chapel which he  offered to be apart of since 2010 till his demise in 2016; even then the unfinished pledge he had made, stayed alive and was pursued to its completion under the stewardship of Emmaus Foundation –  a renowned Charity Organization which was founded by Fr.John Scalabrini in 1989. It is now run by a very dynamic Operational Management, steered by one Onen Patrick Ezaga – General Manager Emmaus Foundation Uganda; the man who has been on the ground to witness the final touches of the house of worship. Today he stands content, after bringing to completion what Fr. John left unfinished, hence honor his legacy.  Emmaus Foundation is proud to put on ground a team of professional engineers and builders etc who cordially partnered with the KYU building committee to bring this project to a successful completion.

Emmaus Foundation give special thanks to Fr. Isidore Mbaleeba Chairman Board of Directors -Emmaus Foundation, for playing the crucial coordination role between the benefactors of this grand piece of work and the KYU Management. Thank you Fr. Mbaleeba , thank you partners.  KYU and the surrounding community is celebrating the immeasurable contribution by Fr.John Scalabrini  for this special blessing, for the sole purpose of enriching the spiritual lives of KYU Catholic Christians and preserving the values of the Catholic faith among the KYU community. It is because of Fr. John’s efforts that KYU celebrates today.  May his legacy live on and continue to touch the lives of people.

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