Giuseppe (center) and colleagues at Benedict Medical Center

What is your name?

My name is Giuseppe Tremamunno

Where do you come from?

I come from the south of Italy, a city near Bari called Gravina in Puglia. But I study in Rome.

You are a medical interne; what would like to specialize in as a medical doctor?

I’d like to specialize in cardiology after my first degree.

How long have you been helping out at Benedict Medical Center (BMC) and what have you been able to do?

I’ve been at BMC for, unfortunately, just three weeks. In BMC we have helped the doctors in the  daily/routine  ward rounds (in female and general wards). After the rounds we were used to go to the OPD. In OPD we had a face to face with the patients working on all kinds of cases; where we usually took their medical history and did physical examinations and then with the doctors we tried to make a diagnosis. After that we suggested a therapy. The doctors helped us in understanding a lot of cases that maybe here but not in Italy  or those we may have never seen.

Giuseppe at it; time for surgery

What do you think about Benedict Medical Center in terms of:

  • Services to the people? 

I think BMC is perfect for the people who need help because it’s easy to reach, because it’s a smaller health center and so a patient isn’t just a number, everybody takes care of you. In fact doctors usually know their patients even before they explain the problem.

Is this your first time to Uganda and is there anything you loved about this country?

Yes it’s the first and I think unforgettable time in Uganda. I love the Uganda people, always smiling, always saying hello to you with a big smile in their face, even if they don’t know you. They seem they love their life and job, and they always respect the patient. Hospitality in Uganda is a must, like in the south of Italy, so for me it was like being at home! And of course I felt in love with the children, when we gave them some little gifts they became the happiest people in the world.

What are your future prospects in the next five years?

In the next five years i hope of course to get my first degree, and then to start the specialization.  I think that me and my friend are coming back in Uganda after we finish ours studies.

What advice/ word to BMC can you give?

I think I can’t give any advice to BMC, just continue that way, giving to the Italian student that fantastic opportunity. BMC it’s like hope for Luzira people.

Emmaus Foundation

It’s like a big family made by people who want to help the others, it’s a no profit organization founded in a place full of poor people. Helping the other means to give them just what we can, even if we aren’t rich.

Luzira Community and the patients that visit BMC

I hope that Luzira Community continues trusting the BMC, because there will be no hospital without patients.

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