We are learning the Italian language, yay….

We are learning the Italian language, yay….

Our Italian friends are here teaching the Italian language to our children at BCKPS

Teacher Beatrice Pianetta, having fun with the little ones

Many programs take place in our schools annually.  Most of these are extra-curricular activities.  Children love that time.   Some of the most exciting seasons is when we receive our partners and friends from Italy.  This year round they have come in greater numbers.  Isn’t it exciting to learn a foreign language, free of charge. Guess what, the children at Bishop Cypriano Kihangire Primary School (BCKPS) are learning the Italian language.  They are so excited and  very  happy that  they can speak and write it well in only a period of one month.  It is amazing how the  little children of ages between seven and 10 can grasp a foreign language that easily.  Day scholars show it off to their parents everyday when they get back home; the boarders can’t wait to get a holiday and tell all.

Meet teacher Beatrice Pianetta.  She loves the company of these children.  Here, it is play time; as they rehearse  what they have learned in the classroom.    It is indeed an exciting season for not only the children but the entire teaching staff.  They are happy to know that, apart from their parents, and everyday teachers, someone from  afar, comes to spend quality time with them because they are loved and that feels special for everyone.

The family of Emmaus Foundation Uganda send their love and gratitude to our Italian friends and partners for loving and making our children happy in every way and we hope that we continue the exciting activities for many more years to come. Grazie mille e Dio ti benedica.

Teacher Martina Locatelli steals the show with her best friends, the bambini

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  1. Dear Friend,
    As you can see in the picture, this program is a seasonal one, where volunteers come to Uganda and share experiences with our school children, just to entertain and connect with them. it’s not a prog that is open to the public.
    Thank you! in appreciation to your nice comment


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