Bishop Cipriano Kihangire Primary School

Bishop Cipriano Kihangire Primary School

Bishop Cipriano Kihangire Primary School (BCKPS) in Kitintale -Luzira; formally know as Parriet Preparatory School  was bought in 2010 by Fr. John Scalabrini the founder of Emmaus Foundation (EF). His Vision was to provide quality Education to orphans and the needy children living in the nearby low-scale city suburbs and slums ( Luzira, Kitintale, Kilombe Mutungo, Butabika, Bbina etc.) At the time that Fr. John bought the school, it had school children of a total population of 381 pupils.   This number has come to grow to the tune of  over 1,130 to-date and out of these over 280 are orphans/vulnerable  children being catered for under Emmaus Foundation and partners.

One of the major challenges that faced the school after its establishment  however, was lack of suitable and safe accommodation for the children, most of who were homeless; and EF, having acknowledged the dilemma of these children came up with a plan to build hostel facilities.   This was done by expanding the existing building as well as constructing a new one as a hostel. Today our primary school houses  a total of 418 in the Boarding section alone whereby, it is arranged  in such a a way that 8 children per room are  accommodated in top quality  self-contained rooms. Out of the 418 pupils, EF handles 141 under direct school fees sponsorship and 15 benefit  wholly from EF and partners  in the boarding section.  We can even do more for these vulnerable children, with your help.

Inside one of the rooms in the hostel

The Hall way- Inside the Hostel

Our children’s meals are prepared from a top quality kitchen.



The nursery section that caters for children as young as 3 on-wards, is able to handle ……in number

BCKPS also boasts of a very spacious green and beautiful compound, with a nice garden.  This environment allows children to enjoy themselves as they study, providing excitement away fro home.

The spacious Compound



  1. Vitali Robert says:

    Fr.John let almighty rest him into internal peace and his legacy will remain ever! But people have started to forget him because of delaying to put his portrait! His portrait needs to be put to be infront of centenary bank!

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