Wood Workshop


This workshop has been helpful in a sense that it creates jobs for people whom the foundation uses to produce quality requirements such as doors and roofing bars for the schools, hospital and other projects as well as the community.

The workshop is directly under the management of Emmaus Foundation, and does not need to be registered as a company, because it is only an arm of the foundation that is doing work to support the charity projects. This saves Emmaus Foundation from buying substandard products from the market at relatively high costs.

The workshops have no income or capital, because they are only there to process goods out of material that has been purchased by the foundation for the various projects.


  1. Fr. Max Ssekiwala says:


    Does the carpentry do church doors? We’re in the process of building a new parish church at St. John the Baptist (Kkungu, Kiyinda-Mityana diocese) & we would like to see whether you can help us.

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