Home for the orphans

St. Stephen and Leonard Orphanage

In the years of the Civil War, there were many orphans refugees from Northern Uganda who took refuge in the mission of Father John for help and salvation. At one point they were so many that they can not stay on a mission, and so we bought a house nearby to accommodate them.

The house was old and small, it was a temporary solution, but unfortunately for some years we did not have enough money to renovate it. It was designed for a family of eight and instead housed 40 children, and had no water or electricity. It was so dilapidated that kids who lived there had nicknamed “Kabul” , because they remembered the dilapidated buildings they saw on the TV in war reporting.

In 2008 one of our supporter who had recently lost her son and husband, decided to remember them with a gesture of great solidarity and helped us to renovate the house, which is now dedicated to their memory.

The new structure is on three floors and can accommodate up to 120 children , followed constantly by educators and tutors. Before the boys of this house could move to the mission to eat food every day: now we have set up a kitchen and a dining room, so they can eat together in their home which is for orphans.

Home for orphans “St. Stephen and Leonard “includes only children: the orphan girls still live in the mission. Our dream, and that of Father John, is to be able to build a house pretty soon, safe and welcoming for them.


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