Benedict Medical Center

This hospital started as a small sick bay for the children in the boarding section of our school Bishop Cipriano Kihangire SSS. Later on, another block for the out-patients was annexed and was opened to the public. Benedict Medical Center operates on a charity basis, as it works to provide medical services to the people at minimal costs. The hospital has a modern maternity ward, a functioning theater, x-ray and dental departments. This facility serves both the students and the general public

Benedict Medical Center has since 2009 when it was opened to the public, experienced an increase in the number of patients that it handles daily and this has necessitated yet another extended wing (already built) in order to serve the Luzira community that statistically holds about 100,000 dwellers and the neighborhood more efficiently.  Most of the sick people  it handles are the needy although those that can raise some payment for treatment are also attended to.

The management of Emmaus Foundation and that of  Benedict Medical Center are always grateful for the support extended towards this cause from all its partners.

Today our medical personnel are committed to serving over 2000 people  monthly .  The Health facility has the following  active operational departments: Surgery, maternity, radiology, dental and much more.  Our facility has a gelanic laboratory where lo-cost drugs are produced and a lab analysis unit where diagnosis for time bound cases are handled.

Today, our doctors and nurses, mostly Ugandans, are treating more than 2,000 people a month. The hospital has departments such as radiology, surgery, maternity (department set up with the support of a group of Italian doctors), dental
We have a galenic laboratory, where we produce low-cost drugs, and a laboratory analysis to ensure timely diagnosis, fundamental especially in cases of malaria.



  1. Hello,that’s great work your are doing.
    On behalf of my organisation a non profit aswell I am interested in working with the hospital by providing medical interns to assist at the hospital.

  2. Nakachwa maddy says:

    Thanks for the work done.

  3. John Mark says:

    Thanks for the great work. Do you also have an orthopedic department?

  4. Janeth Amone says:

    Thanks for the work that the team are doing.

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