Make a contribution

Make a contribution

Now EMMAUS FOUNDATION and its partner ITALIA UGANDA can help every day thousands of children to go to school, thanks only to the many supporters who believe in our project to give a better future to the poorest people of Uganda.


Support us with a transfer:
                 IBAN Account holder ASSOCIAZIONE
                 ITALIA UGANDA ONLUS
Support us by postal:
                CCP 61009270
                made out to NPO ASSOCIAZIONE
                ITALIA UGANDA ONLUS
Donate online:
Follow the link below to make a donation by credit card



From 2015 we have improved the tax benefits to the non-profit organization!

The physical and non-commercial people can:

  • deduct from gross 26% of the amount donated, up to 30,000 EUR
  • deduce the donation from the total income declared in the 10% limit, up to 70,000 EUR

Companies can:

  • deduct from income the donations amounting to 30,000 euro, or 2% of the declared business income
  • deduct donations from the total income of up to 10% and up to 70,000 EUR

To take advantage of the tax benefits remember to keep:

  • the receipt of payment for donations by postal
  • the statement of the bank in case of transfer, bank / post office or bank check RID
  • the statement of the credit card